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How to Rename SharePoint Lists

Rapid Creation and Renaming of SharePoint Lists SharePoint, be it Office 365 or On-Premise, allows rapid creation of lists. Within few clicks, you have a nice container for documents or structure data. Occasionally, you need to rename those lists at a later time. Good news; changing the name afterward is just as easy! This process, unlike […]

Power BI – Cloud Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Data Visualization In this Information Age, more data is being generated than ever. Analytics can’t seem to keep up with the inflow. Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) have long dominated both spectrum of Microsoft business intelligence stack. Power BI is a newer suite of cloud-based business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. […]

Microsoft Planner: New Project Management Tool in Office 365

Redmond’s Answer to Trello? You must have heard of Trello, the popular card-based project management software. Atlassian just snatched Trello up for $425 million few days ago! What is the buzz behind these task management tools? For years, Microsoft Project has been the de-facto way to manage group projects of all sizes, although the product itself was not […]

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