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Microsoft Planner – Organize Teamwork within Office 365

Microsoft’s Answer to Trello You must have heard of Trello, the popular card-based project management software. Atlassian just snatched Trello up for $425 million few days ago! What is the buzz behind these task/project management tools? For years, Microsoft Project has been the defacto way to manage group projects all sizes, although the product itself was not necessarily loved. […]

Data Analytics – How to Analyze SharePoint List Data in Python

What Are Multi-Choice Columns? If you have been using Office 365 or SharePoint as a data management tool or business application platform, you most likely have come across checkbox columns (aka multi-choice columns). Creating a list with multi-choice columns is effortless. As is the data entry. For instance, you have a custom list to keep track of […]

Office 365 Tips: How to Exporting SharePoint Data to Excel

Target Audience: End Users Office 365 and SharePoint are awesome for working with structured data. All the data is at your finger tips. You just need a web browser to view and edit to your heart’s content. There are times you may need to tap into advanced functionalities that Excel offers. For instance, Excel has built-in […]

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