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SharePoint Performance Challenges and Solutions

Love/Hate Relationship with SharePoint SharePoint is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich platform that allows companies to integrate, store, collaborate, and analyze diverse content, all from within a web browser. CIO Magazine Interview As noted in a CIO Magazine art

Kattelo SharePoint 2013 Office Hours – June

Ever wish that an expert can answer all your SharePoint questions face to face (and free of charge)? Kattelo is here for you! With great success from our last SharePoint Office Hours, we are offering another one in June. Join us in person or via live chat on June 5th, 2013 f

SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles 2013 Recap

Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo Consulting, spent a bright and beautiful day talking to the excited attendees of SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles. The event was a great opportunity for SharePoint developers and users to share tips about SharePoint and cloud computing. During Ke

Kattelo SharePoint 2013 Office Hours – May

With the release of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, you probably have a few of questions that need to be answered! Kattelo Consulting is here to help, and we would like to announce the launch of the monthly Kattelo Consulting's Office Hours! The SharePoint Office Hours will

Recap – Kattelo’s Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms Workshop

Kattelo Consulting's CEO, Kenneth Lo, had the utmost pleasure of hosting the Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms workshop last week at NextSpace San Francisco. The primary audience for this session was business decision makers who sought to streamline business proces

OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive

OneDrive vs OneDrive for Business: Sibling Rivalry?

Subtle Differences Between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud consumer-oriented storage service, comes pre-installed in most modern Windows systems. As a SharePoint user, you may also notice a button named “OneDrive” in  System Tray. Are t

PowerPoint 2013 Tips: Starting an Online PowerPoint Presentation within Seconds

Target Audience: End Users You are about to hold an impromptu meeting and have a PowerPoint presentation to share with your external partners. What is the simplest, no-fuss way to get this party started? The Present Online feature in PowerPoint 2013 is your best friend!

SharePoint 2013 Tips: Uploading Multiple Files with Drag-and-Drop

Target Audience: End Users The SharePoint 2010 version of this tip pertains to SharePoint 2010. In SharePoint 2013, we are blessed with much enhanced cross-platform and cross-browser capabilities. The Multiple File Upload functionality is a prime example. As documented