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SharePoint Performance Challenges and Solutions

Love/Hate Relationship with SharePoint

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich platform that allows companies to integrate, store, collaborate, and analyze diverse content, all from within a web browser.

CIO Magazine Interview

As noted in a CIO Magazine article by author John Moore, SharePoint, however, is oftentimes perceived as branded ascan become a victim of its own success. Moore documented and discuss the experience of a healthcare company called Professional Healthcare Resources (PHR).

PHR had originally adopted SharePoint as a way to host contact information and to present announcements. As time goes on, PHR discovered more and more ways to use SharePoint, that’s when performance issues appeared. PHR’s experiences are not un-common amongst other companies using SharePoint.

Metalogix StoragePoint

The performance problems in PHR’s SharePoint server is later determined to be an infrastructure issue. PHR stored a large amount of unstructured data that cannot easily be parsed by the server, and they chose to resolve the problem by purchasing an expensive new server. However, that is not the only way to maximize SharePoint performance optimization.

We at Kattelo, also use SharePoint to store large quantity of unstructured data such as training videos and project documents. To head off potential performance problems, we use StoragePoint software provided by Metalogix to offload unstructured data to external storage devices. This reduces the amount of data present in our own server, so the server can parse data more quickly and efficiently.

Disaster Recovery & Replication

Storage may not be only problem with a server. Since we place all our projects’ critical files in SharePoint, file backup becomes essential so that if a server crashes, the files would still be available. We employ a service by Metalogix called the Replicator to back up files in SharePoint to a remote sever in the MidWest. This places our mission critical system far away from the earthquake faults in San Francisco and Northern California. So if disaster were to strike, our files will remain at a high degree of availability.

How Healthy is Your SharePoint?

As a firm who specializes in SharePoint services, we recognize the challenge presented by SharePoint server performance issues for enterprise companies. We provide technology roadmap and SharePoint Health Check services, so that small or big companies may be prepared and have a readiness plan for their server infrastructure for SharePoint.

We also provide emergency support, so that if problems do arise, the impact to regular business operations would be minimized.


Kattelo Scores Metalogix Content Matrix as Leader for SharePoint Migrations

About Metalogix

Metalogix provides content infrastructure software to improve the value, access and scalability of enterprise content. For over a decade, Metalogix has transformed the way commercial and government organizations manage terabytes of content to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration. Today, more than 5,000 customers rely on the company’s products to upgrade, migrate, organize, store, archive and replicate content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. Metalogix has moved more than 50,000 terabytes of content – more than every other ISV in the marketplace combined.

The Challenge

Kattelo Consulting works with companies of all sizes for their SharePoint needs, including upgrades from SharePoint 2003/2007 to SharePoint 2010/2013 and consolidating legacy content such as file shares into SharePoint. Cost-effectiveness is paramount, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. That was how Kattelo Consulting started seeking a cost effective solution for clients wanting to migrate a small amount of content to Office 365 (O365).

“There is undoubtedly a void for SMBs,” said Kenneth Lo, Kattelo Consulting’s CEO. “They do not necessarily have the same type of budgets as larger enterprises with 3 or 4 terabytes of SharePoint content. Procuring a perpetual software license would prove a bit more challenging. However, these organizations do have the same requirements around fidelity and speed to get their SharePoint deployments going.”

Over the past several years, Kattelo Consulting has worked with many major third-party migration vendors and, within the last year, has found that Metalogix has separated itself from the competition.

“Our teams have tried out all the usual products for SharePoint migration, and Metalogix is our top choice,” said Kenneth. “From installation to the actual migration, Metalogix Content Matrix is extremely intuitive. The extensive options, meanwhile, facilitate the more complex migration scenarios. We are able to shorten the amount of time spent on content migration and have more resources left to address post-migration enhancements. This last-step is by far the most value-added process as a System Integrator. With Metalogix, Kattelo delivers maximum values to its

The Solution

Working with small clients, Kattelo has created a turn-key offering to migrate clients O365.

“It’s a great offering because the SMBs do not need to worry about securing a perpetual license, they can come to Kattelo for a complete solution,” said Kenneth. “We have taken the value that Metalogix brings to Enterprise Migrations and made it cost effective to migrate to O365.”

According to Kenneth, one of these key differentiators that sets Metalogix apart is speed – his teams can perform the migration within one to two days, while spending 20-40 hours on each project on the pre- and post-migration aspects, which includes reorganizing content. This allows companies to boost end-user adoption after the migration is complete by improving the architecture of the SharePoint farm.

The Results

The speed that sets Metalogix apart also comes through during the installation process as Kenneth reported his teams can have Metalogix Content Matrix installed and running within 10 minutes. He credited the Metalogix support team for helping numerous clients avoid potential pitfalls.

“The Metalogix team really knows its stuff and it really helps,” shared Kenneth. “It gives you peace of mind. My clients want to complete a project and we know that with Metalogix, it will be completed on time and done correctly. It’s exciting for us because we can provide our clients with the best services and the best SharePoint migration product, in my opinion, in the marketplace.”

“Metalogix gives you the flexibility to move content between on-premises and the cloud,” said Kenneth. “The options that the product provides really help me in giving my clients the tools necessary to be successful.”

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Business Benefits of Hosting SharePoint with

Overview of

Over the last decade, has emerged as the premier SharePoint hosting provider. They enable clients to build highly customizable and accessible SharePoint environments rapidly and securely. This cloud-based solution allows customers to incorporate scalability, availability, and shared resources to help boost productivity– which is what SharePoint does best.

By neatly housing hardware and software resources in their global data centers, reorganizes clutter that can build up over years of assiduous work and company growth. As with any skilled technician, takes care of technology infrastructure operations and maintenance so that companies can focus on core business and innovation. No longer do companies need to prepare for a complex in-house installation process.

“Our private cloud hosting solution, the SharePoint Cloud, is built for SharePoint speed, completely customizable, highly available and protected with serious security. is trusted all over the world to provide enterprises the best value for their time and money. When you put our talent on your team, we make it easy to lower your total cost of ownership and bring the focus back on your business,” says Rob LaMear IV, CEO and Founder of

Often renowned for being the first company to host SharePoint, continues to be a pioneer of generating innovative SharePoint solutions. is the first company to host SharePoint 2010 and qualified as a finalist for 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year.  Now that’s what we call a company with a long track record.

Builds Infrastructure Instantly

Imagine a gourmet buffet that offers ready-made dishes but also allows customers to create their own delicious masterpieces. In a similar way, deploys customized environments for development, testing, and production virtually instantaneously. Customers no longer have to wait for weeks to launch the needed SharePoint environments. Sites go live within days instead of weeks.

Moreover, offers pre-engineered packages that work well for businesses to help design and deploy custom cloud solutions. For clients who are just getting acquainted with SharePoint, such offerings can kick-start and streamline what seems like an overwhelming initiative. On the other hand, for those who seek more control over their application and technical architecture, offers the ultimate ability to customize via SharePoint’s omnipotent tools, Central Administration and Power Shell scripting.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Instead of demanding large capital outlays, allows companies to pay as they grow. Expenses for updating hardware, software upgrades, security, and repairs are all included in scheduled monthly or annual payments. Such arrangements permit companies to save up to 60% of what they would normally pay for procuring infrastructure. No longer do companies need to spend time and money ordering parts; they can entrust such tedious tasks to their reliable SharePoint provider. Through constant upgrades, guarantees its clients with the latest hardware and software to ensure that their productivity will not suffer.

Endows Companies with Flexibility and Scalability

Virtualization technology allows companies to scale up and out without acquiring extra hardware and licensing or hiring additional IT support staff. allows companies to scale up and down with minimal constraints by dynamically allocating hardware resources. This way, clients create an environment that fits their business, financial and technical needs. This implements the Goldilocks solution—they only need to pay just the right amount, nothing more and nothing less. This way, they can save tremendously on capital expenditures and operations cost. These amenities empower clients to wield administrative control over their SharePoint environment.

Expands Collaboration Across Workforce

With, clients can leverage SharePoint to build intranet, extranet, and public-facing web sites to communicate with employees, external partners, and consumers. SharePoint features tools for Content, Project, Document, and Workflow management and creation as well as enterprise-scale search to promote group communication and collaboration. SharePoint maximizes collaboration and personalized experiences in a single platform across different security boundaries. Thanks to the cloud’s storage of files and software, employees can work collaboratively anytime and anywhere.

Offers Superb Customer Support offers a sturdy ecosystem of customer support. A dedicated SharePoint support team is ready to answer all questions about deploying hosting solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. takes extra precautions to protect their customers’ business by preparing a flexible disaster recovery and backup options for their private SharePoint Cloud. It leaves you prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario. This standby environment enables clients to recover data and files within minutes. In addition to constant hardware and software upgrades, clients can reach customer support by phone call, live sales chat, and responsive social media teams.

Summary is the ideal SharePoint hosting provider for companies that need an extreme makeover. Apart from reducing IT maintenance costs, it synthesizes tools for speedy collaboration and workflow management in a singular platform. Offering pre-built server farms and room for customization, appeals to businesses with both minimal and extensive knowledge of SharePoint.  The world can be your oyster as long as you have a vision in mind. By fostering a strong professional relationship with clients, helps clients actualize their unique visions and ideals.

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Business Benefits of Developing Solutions with CloudShare

Overview of CloudShare

CloudShare, a leading cloud solution for pre-production environments, provides companies with instrumental resources for development and testing, training, and sales demonstrations. This cloud-based solution enables application professionals to efficiently create multiple virtual machines (VM) for speedy collaboration.

CloudShare combines the best features of SaaS (Software as a Service) with the best features of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to deliver strong performance via the cloud. Coupled with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, CloudShare also offers a fluid integration and deployment pathway, further speeding up the entire solution development cycles.

Its accessibility, flexibility, and speed have rendered it a must-have platform. This solution appeals to a wide range of businesses that include successful small and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

On-Demand Infrastructure

By offering a complete development environment, CloudShare allows companies to bypass lengthy hardware procurement and software configuration processes. CloudShare offers pre-installed, fully licensed operation and application systems (SharePoint 2007/2010/2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2010/2012, and many others). CloudShare takes care of all aspects of the logistics, operations, and maintenance; therefore, companies can focus more on their core business and less on IT infrastructure. Access to pre-configured development environments, including Visual Studio, Office, SharePoint, is merely mouse clicks away. Gone are days where it takes weeks, if not months, to cook up a similar environment.

Lower Total Costs of Ownership

The Pay-As-You-Go model of subscription permits companies to pay only according to how much of the hardware resources they use and saves them from providing a huge upfront cash outlay. This definitely appeals to all CFOs; by incorporating various tools into one web-based platform, CloudShare helps companies save on their total cost of ownership.

Flexibility and Scalability

As CloudShare dynamically allocates hardware resources to its customers, it delivers infrastructure and environments for development and testing within minutes. For instance, it builds a single or multi-server SharePoint farm to create a private network for organizations. It also clones and makes server snap shots for various testing scenarios. Because it can easily add environments as needs arise, CloudShare especially benefits companies undergoing dynamic growth and expansion.

Collaboration without Boundaries

CloudShare leverages pre-built, customized server images to accelerate deployment. Companies can choose from simple to complex environments for development and testing in the cloud. They can connect all of this to existing on-premise tools and workflows. This multifunctional program enables internal and external parties to contribute by using a web browser or standard Remote Desktop applications. The cloud permits global access; anyone with Internet can enter these environments. This enables employees to collaborate across departments and outside their organization.

Customer Support Ecosystem

CloudShare supports its customers with a growing collection of video tutorials, a comprehensive Q&A section, and forums. In addition to the regular phone and email support, their social media teams keep a close watch and typically respond within minutes. As one can see, CloudShare supports its customers across multiple platforms to foster a strong user ecosystem.


CloudShare is an excellent choice for companies that wish to save on financial and temporal costs for building and testing software in various infrastructures. As CloudShare features pre-installed environments to develop and test projects, it bolsters flexibility and scalability for organizations with dynamic and sophisticated technical needs. CloudShare joins the league of cloud-based software programs that supply its customers with a wide range of services, solidifying the premise that ‘the customer is king’.

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Business Benefits of Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Overview of Microsoft Office 365

Featuring the newest cloud technologies, Microsoft Office 365 empowers organizations large and small to bolster their productivity and efficiency in terms of speed, compatibility, and costs. In addition to upgrading familiar tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, Office 365 offers its customers with cloud-based collaboration and communication services through Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Office Professional Plus. This user-friendly and all-inclusive package enables companies to focus more on its core business and less on technical infrastructure, which Microsoft handles exceptionally well.

Total Costs of Ownership

Not only does Office 365 include familiar applications and programs, it also features online office collaboration software for email, document sharing, and web conferencing. Office 365 surpasses other file-sharing programs such as Google Docs and Dropbox because it combines familiar and new tools in one comprehensive package to save companies from paying for each program or module. By incorporating these various tools into one web-based platform, Office 365 enables companies to easily standardize on the latest software packages, which Microsoft updates “automagically” on their customers’ behalf. Less upfront capital outlay and lower total costs of ownership puts a smile in most CFOs.

Collaboration & Real-Time Communication

Through Lync Online, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online, Office 365 promotes communication and collaboration among employees. For example, SharePoint Online allows users to share and track different versions of documents. By authorizing only one user to work on each document, SharePoint Online minimizes the risk of users overwriting each other’s work, which often occurs in other file-sharing solutions. For other occasions where real-time interactions are needed, team members leverage Lync Online and its unified communication capabilities (instantly message, online voice and video chats) to hold online meetings and to review documents. Needless to say, fewer meetings mean less time out of office and traveling costs.


Office 365, although some may argue, is the most accessible, multifunctional platform, especially for employees of various technical expertise. Building upon employees’ familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Office 365 allows them to use these tools within a web browser and authenticate with their existing credentials in Active Directory. In addition, Office 365 works equally well in Windows or Mac. This level of accessibility increases productivity, as employees bypass the tribulations of setup and instead focus on their core competencies and productivity.

Customer Support

Highly acknowledged for its outstanding customer service, Microsoft offers phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When users encounter technical issues, they can seek help from a real customer representative instead of trying to navigate an automatic voice system (aka voicemail hell). For instance, Kattelo Consulting was helping one of their clients migrate from Google Apps to Office 365 earlier this year. While the migration process went smoothly for IMAP (cloud-based webmail) users, we ran into some unexpected behaviors helping a handful of users who downloaded their messages off the mail server. Within minutes, we were able to reach Office 365’s customer support via telephone. A live customer representative provided us with pointers to resolve this slight roadblock. Now that is what we consider to qualify as customer support!

Flexibility & Scalability

All in all, Office 365 significantly reduces IT costs and administration. Subscribers only pay according to how much of the service they use. For instance, Kattelo Consulting has been experiencing exponential growth in a couple of consecutive quarters in 2012. In order to accommodate its growth, Kattelo adopted Office 365 because the pay-as-you-go subscription offers maximal flexibility and scalability. Kattelo can immediately set up new offices, departments, or business units to accommodate the dynamic growth of the company.

Access Anywhere

Lastly, Office 365’s cloud-based software permit Kattelo consultants to access work files and documents via Internet access so they can be productive anywhere. While this enables Kattelo employees to create more flexible work schedules, they may also feel pressured to work not only in the office but also at home. Furthermore, because current cloud-based solutions involve relying on network and bandwidth, employees may experience difficulty with working outside the office.


Office 365 offers small to midsize businesses with reliable and secure tools for enhanced collaboration and productivity. Widespread implementation of Office 365 reduces IT costs and administration, as companies no longer have to run or outsource large data centers, and they only have to pay according to how much they use. Like all cloud-based services, Office 365 may feature some connectivity issues. This minor inconvenience can be offset by the accessibility and strong technical support of this multifunctional program that strengthens internal communication and reduces expenses. Overall, Office 365 would be an excellent investment for companies that are seeking to save costs and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

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