Kattelo CEO Speaking At NAAAP International Convention 2013

Summer is the best time for travel! We at Kattelo, are thrilled to announce that Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo Consulting, is speaking at the National Association of Asian American Professionals International Convention in Toronto, Canada! The convention is from August 8th to 10th, the perfect opportunity for Asian-American professionals from all walks of life to come together to share their professional experiences and tips . We are very much looking forward to networking with Asian-American professionals from all over the world on how to thrive and excel in our workplaces and to give back to the community.

In particular, Kenneth will be speaking on the August 8th morning session to share his knowledge and experience on how to launch a new venture, from a startup to an enterprise organization.

NAAAP National Conference

To reward you for reading this far, below is a sneak peek of Kenneth’s presentation.

The presentation is Launching a New Venture — Sun Tzu Style. The start a new venture of any kind, especially a company, can be a difficult but rewarding experience. You will gain principles and knowledge written by Sun Tzu in helping startups and companies off the ground and soon flying high. Kenneth will also use his experiences in various business ventures to provide tips and real world examples on the four pillars of any new company: Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

So take some time off, and join us in beautiful Toronto to meet and greet our team! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. See you there!

SharePoint Security Groups vs Audience

Demystifying SharePoint Security Groups and Audience Targeting


Yet again, Kattelo’s team of SharePoint experts were able to help many people with the submitted SharePoint questions at June’s SharePoint office Hours. One particular question asked was very important: What is the difference between SharePoint Audience and Security groups?

Security groups deal with the permission settings while Audience doesn’t. You cannot set permission level based on audience membership. Audience is simply a way to group members based on shared interest and  to show information specific to that group.

Audience Targeting

For instance, your business many have multiple departments in the same site collection. In this case, you may group Marketing Department into an audience and Finance Department into another. The members of the Marketing audience would see information regarding future product launch on the top of their home page while the Finance audience sees information about budget meetings on the exact same page.

Not Security Measures

This does not mean employees or users who are not members of these audiences cannot see the same information, which is what security group allows you to do. Rather, it simply means that members of an audience are allow to see certain information relevant to them displayed more prominently than those who are not in that audience.

Future Events

Now with the June SharePoint Office Hours behind us, it’s time for us get ready for Kattelo’s July SharePoint office Hours! Kattelo will once again send our team of experts to help you with your SharePoint questions. The SharePoint Office Hours will be held online at Kattelo Live Chat on July 9th, 2013 from 5 PM to 6 PM. You may tweet us your questions to @kattelo and with the hashtag #SPOfficeHrs. If you find Twitter’s character limit too restrictive, you can always message us through the online chat box at the lower right hand corner of our website In this upcoming SharePoint Office Hours, we will answer your SharePoint questions on Mobility, Performance Tuning, and Business Governance.

  • Mobility: Mobile Views, Native Apps, and Offline Access
  • Performance Tuning: Service Packs and Cumulative Updates, Central Administration Health Analyzer, Hardware Resources, Application Topology, Database Tuning, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability
  • Business Governance: Compliances, Retention Policies, and Site Quota Templates

SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2013 Recap

Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo Consulting, had the greatest pleasure of presenting Docs without Folders — Organizing Documents with Content Types and Metadata during SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley  this past Saturday. The event was a great opportunity for SharePoint developer and users to share their insights. During the event, SharePoint end-users were able to benefit from Kattelo team’s extensive and vast experiences with SharePoint to gain best practices on making document libraries more organized.

The traditional form of file organization involves utilizing folders to categorize various files. However, files often have overlapping categories and sub-categories. This can and will lead to one big folder mess and file hell (as Kenneth likes to put it). With SharePoint, you can easily organize files without the use of folders. As Kenneth explained, documents in SharePoint can be tagged with metadata, such as date, department, file creator, and more. Users would then be able to sort or filter documents based on these metadata and find the documents easier and faster; without the need of looking inside every folder.

If you missed out on Kenneth’s session, check out his slideshow from this Saturday’s presentation! In order to derive the maximal mileage from your tagging efforts, Kenneth has published a tip on how to embed the metadata within an Office documents. It’s just like magic: SharePoint Tips – Embed Metadata in Microsoft Office Suite!

The Kattelo Consulting team had a blast at another great SPSSV! We would like to thank the organizers and sponsors. Putting together an excellent event like this requires an enormous amount of work and resources. Please make sure to send them a nice hug and thank you cards.

If you have any additional feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Ciao!

Kattelo SharePoint 2013 Office Hours – June

June13 SharePoint Office HoursEver wish that an expert can answer all your SharePoint questions face to face (and free of charge)? Kattelo is here for you! With great success from our last SharePoint Office Hours, we are offering another one in June. Join us in person or via live chat on June 5th, 2013 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time at Capital One 360 Café in downtown San Francisco.

This is open to the public, come meet and greet our team of SharePoint experts. We will also answer live questions from our website. Go to on June 5th from 4:30pm-5:30pm Pacific Time and join our live chat to ask your questions. If you want to tweet us your questions ahead of time, tweet them to @Kattelo with the hashtag #SPOfficeHrs.

In this upcoming SharePoint Office Hours, our CEO Kenneth Lo, PMP with over 10 years of experience in SharePoint will answer your SharePoint questions on Office 365, SharePoint site structure, and security. Do you have questions on the following topics?

  • Office 365: Differences between subscriptions, administration, document migration, and maintenance.
  • Site Structure and Taxonomy: Site templates , sites versus lists, metadata, and content types.
  • Security: Security trimming, active directory versus SharePoint permissions, and best practices for security.

Save the date and we’ll see you on June 5th at Capitol One 360 Cafe. Other topics will be covered in the subsequent Office Hours.

SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles 2013 Recap

Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo Consulting, spent a bright and beautiful day talking to the excited attendees of SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles. The event was a great opportunity for SharePoint developers and users to share tips about SharePoint and cloud computing.

During Kenneth’s first session, he shared best practices in document and content management: Docs without Folders — Organizing Documents Content Types and Metadata. Kenneth explained how documents can be identified and categorized using information attached to the documents. With this tagging system, large number of files can be conveniently organized with minimal hassle.

Check out the slideshow below to learn how best to avoid SharePoint “Information Black Hole” where documents are deeply buried within levels of folders! In order to derive maximal mileage from your tagging efforts, Kenneth has published a tip on how to embed the metadata within the Office documents. It’s just like magic: SharePoint Tips – Embed Metadata in Microsoft Office Suite !

Later that afternoon, Kenneth also spoke on SharePoint Street Smart — Delivering Content to Mobile Devices and Tablets. Kenneth talked about how businesses can use mobile apps to access enterprise resources anywhere and anytime. More importantly, SharePoint mobility can help businesses increase productivity and reduce cost by going paperless with electronic forms and documents.

The Kattelo Consulting team had a blast at another great SPSLA! We would like to thank the organizers and sponsors. Putting together an excellent event like this requires an enormous amount of work and resources. Please make sure to send them a nice hug.

Did you miss SPSLA? Come to the next SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley on June 22nd, 2013 where Kenneth will be speaking again!

If you have any additional feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Ciao!

Kattelo SharePoint 2013 Office Hours – May

SP Office Hr
With the release of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, you probably have a few of questions that need to be answered! Kattelo Consulting is here to help, and we would like to announce the launch of the monthly Kattelo Consulting’s Office Hours!

The SharePoint Office Hours will be held at Capital One 360 Café in San Francisco on May 13th, 2013 from 12:30pm-1:30pm PT. This is open to public so come meet us in person or send us questions via Twitter. When tweeting, please send to @Kattelo with the hashtag #SPOfficeHrs.

In this upcoming SharePoint Office Hours, Kattelo’s CEO, Kenneth Lo, with over 10 years of experience with SharePoint will answer your SharePoint questions on Document Management, Microsoft Office Integration, and Navigation.

Do you have questions on the following topics?

  • Document Management: File Uploading, Versioning, Check-In & Check-Out, Recycle Bins
  • Microsoft Office Integration: Outlook Synchronization, Excel & Access
  • Navigation: Quick Launch, Top Links

Save the date and we’ll see you on May 13th at Capitol One 360 Cafe. Other topics will be covered in the subsequent Office Hours.

Recap – Kattelo’s Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms Workshop

Kattelo Consulting’s CEO, Kenneth Lo, had the utmost pleasure of hosting the Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms workshop last week at NextSpace San Francisco.

The primary audience for this session was business decision makers who sought to streamline business processes using tablets, mobile devices, and electronic forms. Kenneth kept the presentation relatively brief in order to maximize the available time for interactive demos. Below please find the slide deck.

In summary, the rise of tablets and mobility devices and the decline of personal computers are merely starting. For businesses considering to add mobility solutions to their organizations, Kenneth has listed the following as key considerations:

  • Development: Different mobile solutions require various levels of development and programming expertise. How best do you select a platform that makes most business sense?
  • Licensing: With many solution offerings and licensing models to choose from, What is the most cost-effective model for the size of your organizations, both near-term and long-term?
  • Access & Security: Are you striking a good balance between easy access and strong security? How would you perform a remote wipe on a mobile device to protect your proprietary and sensitive information, when necessary?
  • Deployment & Maintenance: The need for rapid deployments and updates has become ever critical. How quickly and easily can you update the mobile apps, either remotely and on-premise?

This topic undoubtedly is hot but vast. Kattelo will be hosting a series of these workshops to help local organizations get a better grasp of the mobile revolution. If you have any additional feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a sneak preview, Kattelo will also be launching a SharePoint Office Hours program; we will release the details next week. Please stay tuned.

Kattelo Scores Metalogix Content Matrix as Leader for SharePoint Migrations

About Metalogix

Metalogix provides content infrastructure software to improve the value, access and scalability of enterprise content. For over a decade, Metalogix has transformed the way commercial and government organizations manage terabytes of content to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration. Today, more than 5,000 customers rely on the company’s products to upgrade, migrate, organize, store, archive and replicate content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. Metalogix has moved more than 50,000 terabytes of content – more than every other ISV in the marketplace combined.

The Challenge

Kattelo Consulting works with companies of all sizes for their SharePoint needs, including upgrades from SharePoint 2003/2007 to SharePoint 2010/2013 and consolidating legacy content such as file shares into SharePoint. Cost-effectiveness is paramount, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. That was how Kattelo Consulting started seeking a cost effective solution for clients wanting to migrate a small amount of content to Office 365 (O365).

“There is undoubtedly a void for SMBs,” said Kenneth Lo, Kattelo Consulting’s CEO. “They do not necessarily have the same type of budgets as larger enterprises with 3 or 4 terabytes of SharePoint content. Procuring a perpetual software license would prove a bit more challenging. However, these organizations do have the same requirements around fidelity and speed to get their SharePoint deployments going.”

Over the past several years, Kattelo Consulting has worked with many major third-party migration vendors and, within the last year, has found that Metalogix has separated itself from the competition.

“Our teams have tried out all the usual products for SharePoint migration, and Metalogix is our top choice,” said Kenneth. “From installation to the actual migration, Metalogix Content Matrix is extremely intuitive. The extensive options, meanwhile, facilitate the more complex migration scenarios. We are able to shorten the amount of time spent on content migration and have more resources left to address post-migration enhancements. This last-step is by far the most value-added process as a System Integrator. With Metalogix, Kattelo delivers maximum values to its

The Solution

Working with small clients, Kattelo has created a turn-key offering to migrate clients O365.

“It’s a great offering because the SMBs do not need to worry about securing a perpetual license, they can come to Kattelo for a complete solution,” said Kenneth. “We have taken the value that Metalogix brings to Enterprise Migrations and made it cost effective to migrate to O365.”

According to Kenneth, one of these key differentiators that sets Metalogix apart is speed – his teams can perform the migration within one to two days, while spending 20-40 hours on each project on the pre- and post-migration aspects, which includes reorganizing content. This allows companies to boost end-user adoption after the migration is complete by improving the architecture of the SharePoint farm.

The Results

The speed that sets Metalogix apart also comes through during the installation process as Kenneth reported his teams can have Metalogix Content Matrix installed and running within 10 minutes. He credited the Metalogix support team for helping numerous clients avoid potential pitfalls.

“The Metalogix team really knows its stuff and it really helps,” shared Kenneth. “It gives you peace of mind. My clients want to complete a project and we know that with Metalogix, it will be completed on time and done correctly. It’s exciting for us because we can provide our clients with the best services and the best SharePoint migration product, in my opinion, in the marketplace.”

“Metalogix gives you the flexibility to move content between on-premises and the cloud,” said Kenneth. “The options that the product provides really help me in giving my clients the tools necessary to be successful.”

PDF Version
Metalogix Website