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How to Rename SharePoint Lists

Rapid Creation and Renaming of SharePoint Lists SharePoint, be it Office 365 or On-Premise, allows rapid creation of lists. Within few clicks, you have a nice container for documents or structure data. Occasionally, you need to rename those lists at a later time. Good news;

Power BI – Cloud Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Data Visualization In this Information Age, more data is being generated than ever. Analytics can't seem to keep up with the inflow. Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) have long dominated both spectrum of Microsoft business intelligence

Microsoft Planner: New Project Management Tool in Office 365

Redmond's Answer to Trello? You must have heard of Trello, the popular card-based project management software. Atlassian just snatched Trello up for $425 million few days ago! What is the buzz behind these task management tools? For years, Microsoft Project has been the

How to Analyze SharePoint List Data in Python

What Are Multi-Choice Columns? If you have been using Office 365 or SharePoint as a data management tool or business application platform, you most likely have come across checkbox columns (aka multi-choice columns). Creating a list with multi-choice columns is effortless.

How to Export SharePoint Data to Excel

Excel Makes Data Analytics Accessible Office 365 and SharePoint are awesome for working with structured data. All the data is at your finger tips. You just need a web browser to view and edit to your heart's content. There are times you may need to tap into advanced funct

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How to Share Files in Microsoft OneDrive

Office 365 Cloud Storage Microsoft OneDrive has always been a great option for sharing within internal teams. However, the external sharing tends to feel a little less intuitive. That has traditionally led to users opting for other file sharing platforms (e.g. Box, Dropbox,

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Office 365 Tips – How to Create Email Distribution Groups

Target Audience: Office 365 Administrators Distribution Groups, (aka email aliases or distribution lists) conserve keystrokes and improve accuracy. Say you work at ACME Company and regularly communicate with Jane at Northwind Trading Company. Instead of typing "bob@acme.c

Kattelo Sharing 7 Field Lessons Learned From Office 365 & SharePoint

Kattelo Sharing Office 365 and SharePoint Lessons Learned On August 27th, 2015, Kenneth Lo, Founder of Kattelo Consulting, will present Seven Field Lessons Learned From SharePoint Migrations and Upgrade at East Bay SharePoint Users Group (EBSPUG). Whatever business and

How to Select SharePoint Server Architecture for Medium Sized Business

SharePoint Server Topology Primer The first step to deploying SharePoint is to determine an appropriate server topology. This decisions is largely is dictated by the number of SharePoint users. For this blog post, let’s assume that an on-premise server farm is designed fo

Office 365 Tips: How to Sort, Filter, and Group in List Views

Target Audience: Office 365/SharePoint Users Good news: SharePoint lists and libraries can contain a huge number of items. Bad news: Finding the right items requires more efforts. SharePoint, by default, displays every list item alphabetically. Clicking on column heading