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Business Benefits of Developing Solutions with CloudShare

Overview of CloudShare

CloudShare, a leading cloud solution for pre-production environments, provides companies with instrumental resources for development and testing, training, and sales demonstrations. This cloud-based solution enables application professionals to efficiently create multiple virtual machines (VM) for speedy collaboration.
CloudShare combines the best features of SaaS (Software as a Service) with the best features of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to deliver strong performance via the cloud. Coupled with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, CloudShare also offers a fluid integration and deployment pathway, further speeding up the entire solution development cycles.
Its accessibility, flexibility, and speed have rendered it a must-have platform. This solution appeals to a wide range of businesses that include successful small and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

On-Demand Infrastructure

By offering a complete development environment, CloudShare allows companies to bypass lengthy hardware procurement and software configuration processes. CloudShare offers pre-installed, fully licensed operation and application systems (SharePoint 2007/2010/2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2010/2012, and many others). CloudShare takes care of all aspects of the logistics, operations, and maintenance; therefore, companies can focus more on their core business and less on IT infrastructure. Access to pre-configured development environments, including Visual Studio, Office, SharePoint, is merely mouse clicks away. Gone are days where it takes weeks, if not months, to cook up a similar environment.

Lower Total Costs of Ownership

The Pay-As-You-Go model of subscription permits companies to pay only according to how much of the hardware resources they use and saves them from providing a huge upfront cash outlay. This definitely appeals to all CFOs; by incorporating various tools into one web-based platform, CloudShare helps companies save on their total cost of ownership.

Flexibility and Scalability

As CloudShare dynamically allocates hardware resources to its customers, it delivers infrastructure and environments for development and testing within minutes. For instance, it builds a single or multi-server SharePoint farm to create a private network for organizations. It also clones and makes server snap shots for various testing scenarios. Because it can easily add environments as needs arise, CloudShare especially benefits companies undergoing dynamic growth and expansion.

Collaboration without Boundaries

CloudShare leverages pre-built, customized server images to accelerate deployment. Companies can choose from simple to complex environments for development and testing in the cloud. They can connect all of this to existing on-premise tools and workflows. This multifunctional program enables internal and external parties to contribute by using a web browser or standard Remote Desktop applications. The cloud permits global access; anyone with Internet can enter these environments. This enables employees to collaborate across departments and outside their organization.

Customer Support Ecosystem

CloudShare supports its customers with a growing collection of video tutorials, a comprehensive Q&A section, and forums. In addition to the regular phone and email support, their social media teams keep a close watch and typically respond within minutes. As one can see, CloudShare supports its customers across multiple platforms to foster a strong user ecosystem.


CloudShare is an excellent choice for companies that wish to save on financial and temporal costs for building and testing software in various infrastructures. As CloudShare features pre-installed environments to develop and test projects, it bolsters flexibility and scalability for organizations with dynamic and sophisticated technical needs. CloudShare joins the league of cloud-based software programs that supply its customers with a wide range of services, solidifying the premise that ‘the customer is king’.
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