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Business Benefits of Hosting SharePoint with

Overview of

Over the last decade, has emerged as the premier SharePoint hosting provider. They enable clients to build highly customizable and accessible SharePoint environments rapidly and securely. This cloud-based solution allows customers to incorporate scalability, availability, and shared resources to help boost productivity– which is what SharePoint does best.
By neatly housing hardware and software resources in their global data centers, reorganizes clutter that can build up over years of assiduous work and company growth. As with any skilled technician, takes care of technology infrastructure operations and maintenance so that companies can focus on core business and innovation. No longer do companies need to prepare for a complex in-house installation process.
“Our private cloud hosting solution, the SharePoint Cloud, is built for SharePoint speed, completely customizable, highly available and protected with serious security. is trusted all over the world to provide enterprises the best value for their time and money. When you put our talent on your team, we make it easy to lower your total cost of ownership and bring the focus back on your business,” says Rob LaMear IV, CEO and Founder of
Often renowned for being the first company to host SharePoint, continues to be a pioneer of generating innovative SharePoint solutions. is the first company to host SharePoint 2010 and qualified as a finalist for 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year.  Now that’s what we call a company with a long track record.

Builds Infrastructure Instantly

Imagine a gourmet buffet that offers ready-made dishes but also allows customers to create their own delicious masterpieces. In a similar way, deploys customized environments for development, testing, and production virtually instantaneously. Customers no longer have to wait for weeks to launch the needed SharePoint environments. Sites go live within days instead of weeks.
Moreover, offers pre-engineered packages that work well for businesses to help design and deploy custom cloud solutions. For clients who are just getting acquainted with SharePoint, such offerings can kick-start and streamline what seems like an overwhelming initiative. On the other hand, for those who seek more control over their application and technical architecture, offers the ultimate ability to customize via SharePoint’s omnipotent tools, Central Administration and Power Shell scripting.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Instead of demanding large capital outlays, allows companies to pay as they grow. Expenses for updating hardware, software upgrades, security, and repairs are all included in scheduled monthly or annual payments. Such arrangements permit companies to save up to 60% of what they would normally pay for procuring infrastructure. No longer do companies need to spend time and money ordering parts; they can entrust such tedious tasks to their reliable SharePoint provider. Through constant upgrades, guarantees its clients with the latest hardware and software to ensure that their productivity will not suffer.

Endows Companies with Flexibility and Scalability

Virtualization technology allows companies to scale up and out without acquiring extra hardware and licensing or hiring additional IT support staff. allows companies to scale up and down with minimal constraints by dynamically allocating hardware resources. This way, clients create an environment that fits their business, financial and technical needs. This implements the Goldilocks solution—they only need to pay just the right amount, nothing more and nothing less. This way, they can save tremendously on capital expenditures and operations cost. These amenities empower clients to wield administrative control over their SharePoint environment.

Expands Collaboration Across Workforce

With, clients can leverage SharePoint to build intranet, extranet, and public-facing web sites to communicate with employees, external partners, and consumers. SharePoint features tools for Content, Project, Document, and Workflow management and creation as well as enterprise-scale search to promote group communication and collaboration. SharePoint maximizes collaboration and personalized experiences in a single platform across different security boundaries. Thanks to the cloud’s storage of files and software, employees can work collaboratively anytime and anywhere.

Offers Superb Customer Support offers a sturdy ecosystem of customer support. A dedicated SharePoint support team is ready to answer all questions about deploying hosting solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. takes extra precautions to protect their customers’ business by preparing a flexible disaster recovery and backup options for their private SharePoint Cloud. It leaves you prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario. This standby environment enables clients to recover data and files within minutes. In addition to constant hardware and software upgrades, clients can reach customer support by phone call, live sales chat, and responsive social media teams.

Summary is the ideal SharePoint hosting provider for companies that need an extreme makeover. Apart from reducing IT maintenance costs, it synthesizes tools for speedy collaboration and workflow management in a singular platform. Offering pre-built server farms and room for customization, appeals to businesses with both minimal and extensive knowledge of SharePoint.  The world can be your oyster as long as you have a vision in mind. By fostering a strong professional relationship with clients, helps clients actualize their unique visions and ideals.
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