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How to Email Files from SharePoint Document Libraries

Directly Send Attachments Stored in SharePoint

The single best way to share documents with your peers is using the “E-mail a Link” function that is built right in the Ribbon. Occasionally, your recipients do not have access to your SharePoint environment, and you need to resort to the old-fashioned way by emailing these files as attachments.
Below is a two-step process that lets you send documents that are stored in SharePoint directly via Microsoft Outlook. That is right; this will spare you from the need to first download these files to your hard disk!

  1. Navigate to the designated Document Library. Click on Library > Connect to Outlook.
  2. After a series of prompts, the documents will be added to the “SharePoint Lists” in Outlook.
  3. You can now preview and forward these documents as attachments without downloading them.