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How to Export SharePoint Data to Excel

Excel Makes Data Analytics Accessible

Office 365 and SharePoint are awesome for working with structured data. All the data is at your finger tips. You just need a web browser to view and edit to your heart’s content.
There are times you may need to tap into advanced functionalities that Excel offers. For instance, Excel has built-in capabilities to generate graphs and pivot tables. The process to export SharePoint list data into Excel requires merely few mouse clicks.
The export function only outputs columns that are displayed in the view. You may need to adjust the view before exporting begins.

How to Modify Views

  1. Start with the list or library to be exported.
  2. In the Ribbon, click on List Tools > List > Modify View.
  3. Check and uncheck to include the columns to be exported.
  4. Click OK.

With the view displaying the correct columns, please proceed to the export process.

How to Export to Excel

  1. In the Ribbon, click on List Tools > List > Export to Excel.
  2. You may see an error message saying SharePoint compatible application is needed. Just click OK. The data will still get exported.


Once the data is exported, you can fully leverage both the ease Office 365 and SharePoint for data management as well as the advanced Excel analysis functionalities. That is the best of both worlds!