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How to Rename SharePoint Lists

Name Change

Rapid Creation and Renaming of SharePoint Lists

SharePoint, be it Office 365 or On-Premise, allows rapid creation of lists. Within few clicks, you have a nice container for documents or structure data. Occasionally, you need to rename those lists at a later time. Good news; changing the name afterward is just as easy!
This process, unlike many other aspects of Microsoft products, has remained largely the same in few past iterations of SharePoint (ie Office 365, SharePoint 2007-2016).

Lists vs. Libraries

The terms “lists” and “libraries” are often used interchangeably. For simplicity, we will simply refer them as “lists” in this blog post. The differences are subtle. For details, see How to Choose between SharePoint Subsites, Libraries, and Lists.
Note that URLs to lists cannot be modified after-the-fact. If requirements mandate certain URLs, get them right at the creation time. Alternatively, whip up a new list and transfer the data over.

Renaming SharePoint List/Library

  1. Start with the list or library to be renamed.
  2. In the Ribbon, click  Library > Library Settings.
  3. Click List name, description, and navigation.
  4. Update the list name.
  5. Click Save.

Library Settings
SharePoint List Name