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Recap of Kattelo CEO Kenneth Lo Speaking At NAAAP International Convention 2013

Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo Consulting, had the great honor and privilege presenting Launching a New Venture — Sun Tzu Style during the 2013 National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) International Convention in Toronto.

The convention was an excellent opportunity for Asian and Asian American professionals from all over the world to rub elbows and exchange ideas on how to enrich our community. As a passionate serial entrepreneur, Kenneth shared his experience in this conference, so that others may benefit from his hard-earned lessons while launching their own ventures.
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is a classic textbook on warfare strategies. However, it  can readily be applied to other competitive endeavors, such as the world of business. Kenneth distilled Sun Tzu’s strategies into several concepts such as understanding competitions and preparing infrastructure. He then explained how the finer details on financing and marketing and provided best practices for aspiring entrepreneurs.
The conference was a great success! Once again, the Kattelo team would like to thank the NAAAP conference teams, NAAAP Toronto, and all the sponsors as well as volunteers for putting together such an excellent event. Last but not least, NAAAP San Francisco allowed Kenneth to represent our home chapter thousands of miles away!
In case you missed Kenneth’s speaking session, please check out the slideshow below.