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Kattelo Scores Metalogix Content Matrix as Leader for SharePoint Migrations

About Metalogix

Metalogix provides content infrastructure software to improve the value, access and scalability of enterprise content. For over a decade, Metalogix has transformed the way commercial and government organizations manage terabytes of content to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration. Today, more than 5,000 customers rely on the company’s products to upgrade, migrate, organize, store, archive and replicate content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. Metalogix has moved more than 50,000 terabytes of content – more than every other ISV in the marketplace combined.

The Challenge

Kattelo Consulting works with companies of all sizes for their SharePoint needs, including upgrades from SharePoint 2003/2007 to SharePoint 2010/2013 and consolidating legacy content such as file shares into SharePoint. Cost-effectiveness is paramount, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. That was how Kattelo Consulting started seeking a cost effective solution for clients wanting to migrate a small amount of content to Office 365 (O365).
“There is undoubtedly a void for SMBs,” said Kenneth Lo, Kattelo Consulting’s CEO. “They do not necessarily have the same type of budgets as larger enterprises with 3 or 4 terabytes of SharePoint content. Procuring a perpetual software license would prove a bit more challenging. However, these organizations do have the same requirements around fidelity and speed to get their SharePoint deployments going.”
Over the past several years, Kattelo Consulting has worked with many major third-party migration vendors and, within the last year, has found that Metalogix has separated itself from the competition.
“Our teams have tried out all the usual products for SharePoint migration, and Metalogix is our top choice,” said Kenneth. “From installation to the actual migration, Metalogix Content Matrix is extremely intuitive. The extensive options, meanwhile, facilitate the more complex migration scenarios. We are able to shorten the amount of time spent on content migration and have more resources left to address post-migration enhancements. This last-step is by far the most value-added process as a System Integrator. With Metalogix, Kattelo delivers maximum values to its

The Solution

Working with small clients, Kattelo has created a turn-key offering to migrate clients O365.
“It’s a great offering because the SMBs do not need to worry about securing a perpetual license, they can come to Kattelo for a complete solution,” said Kenneth. “We have taken the value that Metalogix brings to Enterprise Migrations and made it cost effective to migrate to O365.”
According to Kenneth, one of these key differentiators that sets Metalogix apart is speed – his teams can perform the migration within one to two days, while spending 20-40 hours on each project on the pre- and post-migration aspects, which includes reorganizing content. This allows companies to boost end-user adoption after the migration is complete by improving the architecture of the SharePoint farm.

The Results

The speed that sets Metalogix apart also comes through during the installation process as Kenneth reported his teams can have Metalogix Content Matrix installed and running within 10 minutes. He credited the Metalogix support team for helping numerous clients avoid potential pitfalls.
“The Metalogix team really knows its stuff and it really helps,” shared Kenneth. “It gives you peace of mind. My clients want to complete a project and we know that with Metalogix, it will be completed on time and done correctly. It’s exciting for us because we can provide our clients with the best services and the best SharePoint migration product, in my opinion, in the marketplace.”
“Metalogix gives you the flexibility to move content between on-premises and the cloud,” said Kenneth. “The options that the product provides really help me in giving my clients the tools necessary to be successful.”
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