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Office 365 Tips – Sharing with External Users

How to Share Site Office 365 and SharePoint Content with External Users

The needs to quickly share Office 365 or SharePoint files with external users arise frequently. For example, an investor may ask to look at what you do on a regular basis before committing to your project. For temporary access, the quickest way to the built-in Share feature within Office 365 and SharePoint.

How to Start Sharing

This external user simply needs a paid Office 365 subscription or an Outlook account (free).

  1. Go to SharePoint admin center under site collections, click Sharing, and make sure that you selected the Allow external users option
  2. Go the SharePoint site you want to share, click the Share button
  3. Input the email address of the person you want to share with.
  4. That person will now receive an email with a link that lets them sign in with their Outlook or Office 365 account

How to Stop Sharing

  1. Click the gear icon, go to Site Settings>Users and Permissions>People and Groups>Groups and click on the group the person belongs to (for new users they should in their own group)
  2. Click the Actions>Remove Users from Group