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SharePoint Tips: Accessing Content Offline

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How to Access SharePoint Content Offline

The most common way of interacting with SharePoint content is to access SharePoint from a browser. But what happens when you don’t have internet access? Let’s say you are on a plane without WiFi and you want to keep being productive, then SharePoint Workspace is a good bet. Below is quick walkthrough.

SharePoint Workspace

  1. Once you have SharePoint installed on your computer, go to the SharePoint site you want to access offline, click Site Actions > Sync to SharePoint Workspace.
  2. SharePoint will now download a copy of its content and open it in SharePoint Workspace. You can now work with the downloaded libraries, lists and calendars in much the same way you would work with SharePoint.
  3. Once you regain internet access, simply click on the Sync tab in the ribbon and then the Sync button. All the changed content will auto-magically sync up both ways.