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PowerPoint 2013 Tips: Starting an Online PowerPoint Presentation within Seconds

Target Audience: End Users
You are about to hold an impromptu meeting and have a PowerPoint presentation to share with your external partners. What is the simplest, no-fuss way to get this party started? The Present Online feature in PowerPoint 2013 is your best friend! The service is free, does not require any special software setup, and can be stared within seconds.

  1. Open the designated presentation in PowerPoint 2013.
  2. Click File > Share > Present Online.
  3. Select Office Presentation Service from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, use Microsoft Lync if your counterparts already have it installed.
  4. Optionally allow your viewers to download the PowerPoint file by selecting Enable remote viewers to download the presentation.
  5. Click Present Online.
  6. Simply copy the URL and distribute it to your customers via email or Instant Messaging.
  7. During the presentation, viewers can see the current slide. Other applications are not visible.



Delivery a presentation itself is already a good bit of work. Do yourself a favor by making the logistics easier. Cheers!