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Recap of Kattelo Speaking at San Francisco SharePoint Users Group September Meeting

During the September session of San Francisco SharePoint Users Group (SFSPUG) , Kenneth Lo, CEO of Kattelo, had the utmost honor to present Mission Possible — Keeping SharePoint Systems Humming Along from Soup to Nuts at Microsoft San Francisco.
The process of migrating content from another content management system to SharePoint (or an older version of SharePoint) could be complex due to the large volume and diversity of data. Kenneth shared his extensive field experience with the attendees on how to deploy and maintain large-scale SharePoint implementations in tip-top shape.
On Infrastructure: With the popularity of Microsoft Office 365, organization of all sizes have started embracing hybrid cloud architecture (e.g. using SharePoint Online for extranet and on-premise SharePoint for intranet). This deployment strategy provides optimal flexibility and scalability but also drastically affects the deployment, migration, support, and governance strategies.
On Migration: Kenneth shared one of his large-scale SharePoint migration war stories. Initially, the project team had decided to perform the 2-TB migration with database attach and PowerShell. When confronted with the project plan for the first time, Kenneth (who holds a PMP and Scrum Master certifications) immediately suggested Metalogix Content Matrix instead. Reportedly, he had lost “too much youth” migrating content without the proper tools in his previous lives!
On Performance: One of the common complaints of SharePoint is its performance. Seven times out of ten, the lack of performance is caused by under-powered hardware architecture (especially database servers). Since all SharePoint data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server, file access goes through a process called data serialization. Organizations requiring file storage that is either massive or high-performance should consider Remote Blog Services (RBS). Kenneth shared his experience on RBS using Metalogix StoragePoint.
On Disaster Recovery: Last but not least, as SharePoint gains prominence as the system of records in the enterprise, the topics of  fault tolerance  and high-availability are dear to the hearts of CTOs and CIOs alike. In addition to the built-in ability to cluster and database mirroring, Metalogix Replicator is a viable strategy to replicate SharePoint content instantaneously and globally.
Please check out the slide deck below.

We at Kattelo Consulting have many more tips on how to migrate and optimize SharePoint. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Ciao!