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SharePoint 2013 Tips: Uploading Multiple Files with Drag-and-Drop

Target Audience: End Users
The SharePoint 2010 version of this tip pertains to SharePoint 2010. In SharePoint 2013, we are blessed with much enhanced cross-platform and cross-browser capabilities. The Multiple File Upload functionality is a prime example.
As documented in the previous version of this tip, drag-and-drop is only feasible in Internet Explorer. We no longer will have that limitation thanks to Redmond! In order to illustrate the cross-platform independence and keep things interesting, we will be looking at screen shots taken on a Mac and Safari.

  1. Navigate to the designated Document Library in a web browser
  2. Locate the files to be uploaded in Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (PC)
  3. Drag one or more files into the browser near the words “+new documents or drag files here”
  4. SharePoint will gently display a warning before allowing us to overwrite any existing files

Screen Shot: SharePoint 2013 Upload Multiple Files

When cranking away with 50+ applications open, this little trick will save us some serious time! If you have any other questions about how best to use SharePoint efficiently, feel free to give us a call! Cheers!