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Accelerate Productivity From 0-60 Using Microsoft SharePoint Recap

Event Recap

Kattelo was very honored to serve the business community in San Francisco by hosting an “Accelerate Productivity From 0-60 Using Microsoft SharePoint” workshop. Our workshop was to help businesses of any size, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, learn about tools that can increase productivity and collaboration among their employees.

However, such needs are not limited to SMB because as the company grows, the needs grow with the company. With the booming technical industry in Silicon Valley, many options and tools are available to cater to companies with different needs. With the plethora of choices, one may have difficulty choosing the right tools.

In order to find tools that best suit your company’s needs, Kattelo hosts monthly events in San Francisco to educate interested parties. With Kattelo’s deep industry knowledge and subject matter expertise in cloud and mobility technologies, we aim to help streamline your selection process of technology products, whether you are a CEO, CTO, CIO, IT Director, or technology enthusiast. 

Staying in Touch

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Thank you very much for attending and making this event successful. And special thanks to our partner 50+1 Strategies for providing us with the beautiful venue.