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SharePoint Performance Challenges and Solutions

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Love/Hate Relationship with SharePoint

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich platform that allows companies to integrate, store, collaborate, and analyze diverse content, all from within a web browser.

CIO Magazine Interview

As noted in a CIO Magazine article by author John Moore, SharePoint, however, is oftentimes perceived as branded ascan become a victim of its own success. Moore documented and discuss the experience of a healthcare company called Professional Healthcare Resources (PHR).
PHR had originally adopted SharePoint as a way to host contact information and to present announcements. As time goes on, PHR discovered more and more ways to use SharePoint, that’s when performance issues appeared. PHR’s experiences are not un-common amongst other companies using SharePoint.

Metalogix StoragePoint

The performance problems in PHR’s SharePoint server is later determined to be an infrastructure issue. PHR stored a large amount of unstructured data that cannot easily be parsed by the server, and they chose to resolve the problem by purchasing an expensive new server. However, that is not the only way to maximize SharePoint performance optimization.
We at Kattelo, also use SharePoint to store large quantity of unstructured data such as training videos and project documents. To head off potential performance problems, we use StoragePoint software provided by Metalogix to offload unstructured data to external storage devices. This reduces the amount of data present in our own server, so the server can parse data more quickly and efficiently.

Disaster Recovery & Replication

Storage may not be only problem with a server. Since we place all our projects’ critical files in SharePoint, file backup becomes essential so that if a server crashes, the files would still be available. We employ a service by Metalogix called the Replicator to back up files in SharePoint to a remote sever in the MidWest. This places our mission critical system far away from the earthquake faults in San Francisco and Northern California. So if disaster were to strike, our files will remain at a high degree of availability.

How Healthy is Your SharePoint?

As a firm who specializes in SharePoint services, we recognize the challenge presented by SharePoint server performance issues for enterprise companies. We provide technology roadmap and SharePoint Health Check services, so that small or big companies may be prepared and have a readiness plan for their server infrastructure for SharePoint.
We also provide emergency support, so that if problems do arise, the impact to regular business operations would be minimized.