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SharePoint Security Groups vs Audience

Demystifying SharePoint Security Groups and Audience Targeting

Yet again, Kattelo’s team of SharePoint experts were able to help many people with the submitted SharePoint questions at June’s SharePoint office Hours. One particular question asked was very important: What is the difference between SharePoint Audience and Security groups?
Security groups deal with the permission settings while Audience doesn’t. You cannot set permission level based on audience membership. Audience is simply a way to group members based on shared interest and  to show information specific to that group.

Audience Targeting

For instance, your business many have multiple departments in the same site collection. In this case, you may group Marketing Department into an audience and Finance Department into another. The members of the Marketing audience would see information regarding future product launch on the top of their home page while the Finance audience sees information about budget meetings on the exact same page.

Not Security Measures

This does not mean employees or users who are not members of these audiences cannot see the same information, which is what security group allows you to do. Rather, it simply means that members of an audience are allow to see certain information relevant to them displayed more prominently than those who are not in that audience.

Future Events

Now with the June SharePoint Office Hours behind us, it’s time for us get ready for Kattelo’s July SharePoint office Hours! Kattelo will once again send our team of experts to help you with your SharePoint questions. The SharePoint Office Hours will be held online at Kattelo Live Chat on July 9th, 2013 from 5 PM to 6 PM. You may tweet us your questions to @kattelo and with the hashtag #SPOfficeHrs. If you find Twitter’s character limit too restrictive, you can always message us through the online chat box at the lower right hand corner of our website In this upcoming SharePoint Office Hours, we will answer your SharePoint questions on Mobility, Performance Tuning, and Business Governance.

  • Mobility: Mobile Views, Native Apps, and Offline Access
  • Performance Tuning: Service Packs and Cumulative Updates, Central Administration Health Analyzer, Hardware Resources, Application Topology, Database Tuning, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability
  • Business Governance: Compliances, Retention Policies, and Site Quota Templates