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SharePoint Tips: Managing Project Tasks from Outlook

Target Audience: Project Managers & End Users
It is time to bust out my PMP (Project Management Professional) hat. Many people have a love-hate relationship with MS Project. This great product indeed packs many neat features. However, this long list of options may also intimidate some end-users who merely need to make simple updates.
We all know SharePoint is awesome, and it of course has a solution for us! You can easily create a Project Task List, which is essentially a souped-up Task List with a built-in Gnatt Chart view. The Predecessor and Assigned To fields are especially helpful in building inter-dependent tasks and keeping tracking of accountability.
Once you connect this list to Outlook (please refer to SharePoint Tips: Directly Email Files Stored in Document Libraries), you can then seamlessly manage these project tasks without ever leaving your PIM (Personal Information Manager)!
Project managers that need richer functionality from MS Project, we will have another tip that covers how to synchronize MS Project and SharePoint 2010. This is a new feature in Office 10 and SharePoint 2010. Stay tuned!

This tip is also posted on Secrets of SharePoint. Thank you so much for the Idera’s support!