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Recap – Kattelo's Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms Workshop

Kattelo Consulting’s CEO, Kenneth Lo, had the utmost pleasure of hosting the Showdown Between Mobile and Paper Forms workshop last week at NextSpace San Francisco.
The primary audience for this session was business decision makers who sought to streamline business processes using tablets, mobile devices, and electronic forms. Kenneth kept the presentation relatively brief in order to maximize the available time for interactive demos. Below please find the slide deck.

[slideshare id=20203816&doc=kattelo-electronicsforms-130429122522-phpapp01]

In summary, the rise of tablets and mobility devices and the decline of personal computers are merely starting. For businesses considering to add mobility solutions to their organizations, Kenneth has listed the following as key considerations:

  • Development: Different mobile solutions require various levels of development and programming expertise. How best do you select a platform that makes most business sense?
  • Licensing: With many solution offerings and licensing models to choose from, What is the most cost-effective model for the size of your organizations, both near-term and long-term?
  • Access & Security: Are you striking a good balance between easy access and strong security? How would you perform a remote wipe on a mobile device to protect your proprietary and sensitive information, when necessary?
  • Deployment & Maintenance: The need for rapid deployments and updates has become ever critical. How quickly and easily can you update the mobile apps, either remotely and on-premise?

This topic undoubtedly is hot but vast. Kattelo will be hosting a series of these workshops to help local organizations get a better grasp of the mobile revolution. If you have any additional feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.
As a sneak preview, Kattelo will also be launching a SharePoint Office Hours program; we will release the details next week. Please stay tuned.