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SPTechCon – Asian Food Edition

SPTechCon is finally here! Considering we SharePoint folks enjoy technologies as much as food and wine, we have complied a quick list of our staff’s favorite Asian restaurants that are within easy access to the SPTechCon venue, Hilton Union Square. San Francisco is famed for its depth and breadth of excellent restaurants; this list merely represents a small fraction of the vast options in the City.

  • R & G Lounge: Michelin-Rated.Dungeness Crabs. R & G Special Beef. Free 2-hour garage parking nearby.
  • Z & Y Restaurant: Authentic mouth-watering Spicy Szechuan gourmet. Explosive Chicken. Kung Pao Chicken.
  • Bund Shanghai Restaurant: Best Shanghai Dumplings in the City.


  • DojimaAnn: Near conference. Inexpensive. Udon. Donburi.
  • Katana-Ya: Near conference. Excellent Ramen Soup Noodle. Longer wait.


  • Lers Ros Thai: Most authentic Thai restaurant within 25 miles radius. Grilled BBQ Pork and Chicken.
  • Bangkok Noodles: Near conference. All noodle dishes. Cash only.



Many of these restaurants are popular among the locals as well. Plan ahead and be ready to wait for 30+ minutes during rush hours. Minimize your wait by reserving on OpenTable: San Francisco Restaurants if at all possible. See you all well-fed and well-rested next week at SPTechCon!