SharePoint Technology Conference Meetup with Experts

Come meet Kattelo Consulting at SPTechCon in San Francisco on Feb 28. Kenneth Lo and Robert Bogue will be hosting Meetup with SharePoint Experts – SharePoint Adoption on Feb 28 between 3:15pm and 4pm. Below is the complete lineup. Please visit the SPTechCon website for complete information . Can’t wait to see you there!
Lead: Brian Culver
Bill English
Lead: Mark Rackley
Rob Windsor
Customizing SharePoint
Lead: Heather Solomon
Chris Beckett
Dustin Miller
Lead: Robert Bogue
Kenneth Lo
Lead: Chris McNulty
Craig Trulove
John Ferringer
SharePoint Information Please
Lead: Nina Ruchirat
Reagan Templin
Lead: Paul Swider
Jeffrey Shuey
Shadeed Eleazer
Community Building
Lead: Mark Miller
Sadie van Buren
Richard Harbridge
SharePoint in Education
Dave Coleman
SharePoint for Business
Eric Riz