SharePoint Technology Conference Meetup with Experts

SharePoint Technology Conference Meetup with Experts

Come meet Kattelo Consulting at SPTechCon in San Francisco on Feb 28. Kenneth Lo and Robert Bogue will be hosting Meetup with SharePoint Experts – SharePoint Adoption on Feb 28 between 3:15pm and 4pm. Below is the complete lineup. Please visit the SPTechCon website for complete information . Can’t wait to see you there!

Lead: Brian Culver
Bill English

Lead: Mark Rackley
Rob Windsor

Customizing SharePoint
Lead: Heather Solomon
Chris Beckett
Dustin Miller

Lead: Robert Bogue
Kenneth Lo

Lead: Chris McNulty
Craig Trulove
John Ferringer

SharePoint Information Please
Lead: Nina Ruchirat
Reagan Templin

Lead: Paul Swider
Jeffrey Shuey
Shadeed Eleazer

Community Building
Lead: Mark Miller
Sadie van Buren
Richard Harbridge

SharePoint in Education
Dave Coleman

SharePoint for Business
Eric Riz

Kenneth Lo